the light fades all too quickly

i want to write a giant
all the way a c r o s s the sky
but the stars refuse to move
as i spin away from you

"then he rested, leaning against a pillar, and the fire of his rage was as ashes."

"false hopes are more dangerous than fears, and they will not keep us warm this winter."

had an unexpected guest this evening

"many songs are yet sung and many tales are yet told by the elves of the nirnaeth arnoediad"

"…for a man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it."
the children oh hurin by jrr tolkien

i dream of a day when it wont be true

this lie that i believe about what i have to do

i dream of a day when i can be free

of all the mindless junk i allow to define me

blooming century plant in our friends backyard

post tenebras lux #4

the sky & clouds were ridiculous as i drove by paisano peak the other day